Conference and seminar presentations


2018 Annual meeting of the Society for Vector Ecology (Oct 2018)

  1. Tick determinants of Powassan virus transmission

NIAID/NIH meeting (Aug 2018)

  1. An overview of animal modes for arboviral infections

Graduate Student Seminar Series, University of Toledo (Feb 2018)

  1. Vector-Virus-Host Interface: Nidus of arbovirus transmission

UTMB Pathology Research Day (May 2018)

  1. Researcher of the year presentation: Vector-Virus-Host Interface: Nidus of arbovirus transmission. 
  2. Cutaneous immune responses to TBEV infected tick feeding.
  3. Development of tick transmission model for Heartland virus infection
  4. Impact of insect specific viruses on Zika virus transmission